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DiSC Styles

Increased Self-knowledge and More Effective Communication

Successful leaders and professionals understand themselves and how their behavior affects others.  They understand their reactions to other peoples’ behavior and are able to communicate openly and honestly with team members, customers, and colleagues.  These behaviors are acquired through knowledge and practice. The DiSC Personal Profile opens the door to greater understanding of self and others.  Participants will take the DiSC assessment and have the opportunity to learn about the four major styles and how to capitalize on the strengths of their own style and appreciate the strengths of others’ styles.

Intended Audience 

All levels.  This program can be customized as a 2-hour overview, a 4-hour workshop, or as a one-day team building event for an intact work team

Depending on length of program, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Understand your own behavioral tendencies
  • Develop an understanding of how your behavior affects others
  • Learn to respect, appreciate and value individual differences
  • Learn which styles are more and less compatible with other styles
  • Create strategies for improved teamwork by capitalizing on strengths of others’ styles

Depending on length of program, TOPICS may include:

Understanding your own unique profile

  • Traits and tendencies
  • Strengths
  • Challenges
  • Fears

Looking at the style spectrum

  • Communication differences
  • People orientation
  • Goal orientation
  • Environment orientation

Building effective teams with disparate styles

  • Understanding
  • Appreciating
  • Valuing
  • Style compatibility

Looking at your real-life team

  • Understanding the DiSC Group profile
  • Strengths and limitations of your team
  • Optimizing your team strengths
  • Creating plans for improving teamwork