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Understand Others: Styles, Types, Personalities

Understand Others
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It is repeatedly stated that no man/woman is an island. That means leaders must effectively engage, collaborate, influence and manage people of different cultures, styles and personalities. Being self aware of your own style is the starting point. Learning about others and their styles is key to effective decision making and teamwork. Assessments are a core competence of all TPG consultants and coaches. We will greatly expand your knowledge and appreciation of others.

DiSC Styles Workshop

Increased Self-knowledge and More Effective Communication

Successful leaders and professionals understand themselves and how their behavior affects others.  They understand their reactions to other peoples’ behavior and are able to communicate openly and honestly with team members, customers, and colleagues.  These behaviors are acquired through knowledge and practice. The DiSC Personal Profile opens the door to greater understanding of self and others.  Participants will take the DiSC assessment and have the opportunity to learn about the four major styles and how to capitalize on the strengths of their own style and appreciate the strengths of others’ styles.

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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Preferences Workshop

Effective communication is the universally important ingredient in working productively with others.

The biggest challenge in the workplace is to effectively influence others, feel heard by others and successfully reduce conflict. Knowing your personality type is a powerful skill for you to understand your personal preferences in a positive way and appreciate the preferences of others that are different from yours. This seminar will introduce you to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the most widely used behavioral assessment in the world for helping people understand themselves. The MBTI is a framework and a process that can help you confirm how you like to do things, your strengths and lifestyle. In this program, participants will reflect on their own psychological type and begin integrating that knowledge into their everyday life. You will gain a better understanding as to why others communicate as they do and learn to adjust your own preferences to “speak their language” and build better work relationships.

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Generations in the Workplace

We now operate in a world with four generations working side by side.  Understanding and appreciating each generation, their life experiences that shape beliefs and behaviors, motivators, and how to work effectively is key to building trusting work relationships that lead to greater productivity and results. 

This workshop is intended to bring together the generations within your company to participate in a discussion, or series of discussions, on a variety of topics that are most relevant and pressing to you.

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

“Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times.  It’s a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is key to professional success.”        – Harvard Business Review.   

Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Quotient or EQ) is the ability to use emotions effectively and it’s the foundation for high-performing relationships.  More than ever, organizations need true leaders who restore trust, hope, ethics, and direction: leaders who know how to engage their people.  Gain an introduction to emotional intelligence, the key competencies of EQ, ways of identifying the impact of EQ in your workplace, tools for self-management, and for improving the quality of relationships, accountability and customer retention.

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