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Writing Effective Goals

Many times, employees mistake activities and tasks that fall into a normal job description as goals. It is important to be able to clearly articulate your top priorities in any given year.  Writing good goal statements allows peers and colleagues to know what you will be working on.  Goals are outcomes and deliverables, not tasks per se.  Learn what it takes to write effective goals.

Intended Audience

All employees, supervisor and managers who develop goals each year.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

This 2-hour workshop provides an organized approach and easy steps along with a template for writing goals that are strong and effective.

Without knowing where you want to end up, how will you expect to get there?  This workshop guides you through how to write effective goals that provide measures of success and clarity about what you will be held accountable to.

Depending on the length of the workshop, TOPICS may include:

  • What is expected in a goal-setting process
  • What makes a SMART vs. DUMB goal
  • Writing and measuring: Outcome vs. task
  • What makes a clear, well-written goal
  • Navigating your LMS system to insure tracking and coordinating with Performance Planning
  • Gain practice and feedback