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Strategic Time Management

Being able to structure our available hours and use them wisely is a skill everyone can use.  Managers and leaders, in particular, can become overwhelmed by the volume of commitments they face.   Using an assessment instrument called the Time Mastery Profile, this workshop helps participants understand how they think about and use their time.  This understanding is the foundation for changing behaviors and attitudes around their own time management habits.

Intended Audience 

Leaders and individual contributors at all levels.  This workshop can be delivered as a 3-hour overview or as a 1-day workshop with a more in-depth exploration of the topics and time for additional exercises and planning.

Depending on program length, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Identify and understand your time management strengths and growth opportunities
  • Learn strategies and techniques to develop more efficient and productive work habits
  • Understand how your time is spent and misspent
  • Understand how group time is used and learn to make it productive
  • Analyze how much time you spend on urgent vs. important tasks

Depending on program length, TOPICS may include:

Time Mastery Profile

  • How you use your time
  • How you think about your time
  • Using the profile to help change old habits

Time management habits 

  • How they are formed
  • How to form new ones


  • Better management of your work flow
  • Prioritizing
  • Conquering our fear of offending

Changing old habits

  • Identifying destructive habits
  • Identifying constructive habits
  • Handling time wasters

Group time management

  • How groups spend and misspend their time
  • Airing personal frustrations in your group
  • Productive ways for groups to better utilize their time together
  • Policies and ground rules for better group time management