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Successful Supervisor/Management Fundamentals

This two day introductory program provides a general overview of skills needed to be an effective manager.  The focus is on helping managers learn new skills that will be needed to be successful with role plays for practice.

Day 1

Intros. and welcome

Transitioning to management-fundamental skills

Time management


DiSC Personal Profile: understanding yourself and others

How your style influences the way you manage others, yourself, and your time

Managing people with styles different from yours

Adapting to others styles for maximum productivity and engagement

Understanding the performance cycle

Using the performance cycle as a management planning tool


Day 2

Your responsibility as a manager for the performance of your employees

Setting expectations

Setting goals

Where problems show up in the performance cycle; how and when to intervene

Communicating the situation in specific terms

Communicating consequences

Working through the problem-solving flow-chart


Giving positive reinforcement

Practice with case studies

Practice with real-life situations