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Recruiting Top Talent

Interviewing and selecting the best candidates can be a challenging and time-consuming task.  Yet, effective selection of top talent is one of the most important decisions leaders make.  Performed strategically and efficiently, hiring can take less time, decrease employee turnover and lower costly hiring expenses.

Intended Audience

All levels of leadership and/or intact teams.  Program can be customized as a 4 hour introduction, 1 day skill building with practice or a 2 day, in depth skill building session. 

Depending on length of workshop, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Learning a simple five-step process to prepare for an interview and a twelve-point system to follow when conducting the interview
  • Understanding the hiring process at your company
  • Understanding interviewing planning and strategy
  • Preparing effectively for the interview
  • Leading productive post interview roundtables
  • Using clear decision criteria and evaluation
  • Understanding legal do’s and don’ts
  • Crafting effective behavioral questions
  • Walking away with a set of winning questions
  • Creating the company sales pitch
  • Practicing behavioral interviewing approaches
  • Receiving feedback on interview skills

Depending on the length of the workshop, TOPICS may include:


  • The cost to your company of a poor hiring decision
  • Recruiting top talent challenges
  • Hiring steps at your company: An overview of the process


  • Assembling a winning interview team
  • Identifying your strategic approach
  • Agreeing on competencies, assessment factors and evaluation criteria
  • Crafting behavioral interview questions
  • Managing roles and responsibilities in the process
  • Reviewing the five step preparation guide


  • Organizing the meeting agenda
  • Planning the candidate experience
  • Managing your time
  • Avoiding interviewing pitfalls
  • Selling your company to the potential new hire
  • Using probes effectively
  • Interviewing using twelve key points
  • Avoiding the wrong questions including legal do’s and don’ts
  • Assessing the candidate and how the candidate will assess you
  • Distinguishing technical versus interpersonal skills
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Testing your interview skills

Post Interview Steps:

  • Documenting your interview assessment
  • Reconvening the interview team
  • Planning effective follow up with the candidate
  • Improving the interview process