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Problem Solving and Decision Making

Although fundamental for successful leadership, problem solving and decision-making skills are often haphazardly acquired and erratically practiced.  This workshop will offer participants a disciplined approach, involving a 5-step technique for solving a challenging problem and/or making a rational decision.   This workshop involves a ratio of lecture to hands-on practice of about 1:8.  The concepts and tools are easy to grasp and the real value is in the opportunity to try them – alone and with a group.   Participants have the opportunity to apply the methodology and techniques to real problems and often arrive at real solutions that can be applied on the job.

Intended Audience 

Leaders at all levels.  Can be a 1-day or 2-day workshop, with the two day version including much more opportunity to practice and receive feedback.

Depending on program length, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Learn to identify and name a problem
  • Construct an accurate problem statement
  • Learn how to analyze and dissect a problem
  • Analyze a real-life problem and use it as a case study
  • Lear n to distinguish a “root cause” from a symptom
  • Practice a variety of techniques for seeking the root cause
  • Learn methods of generating and analyzing potential solutions
  • Learn how to solve problems as a team
  • Discuss ways of implementing solutions
  • Create a plan for implementing a solution to the case study problem

Depending on program length, TOPICS may include:

Problem Recognition

  • Characteristics of a problem
  • Brainstorming and other problem recognition tools

Problem Analysis

  • Root cause analysis tools
  • Distinguishing cause from effect
  • Tools to identify problem causes

Solution generation and solution analysis

  • Importance of creativity and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Soliciting diverse input
  • Importance of incubation time

Decision Making Tools


  • Planning tools
  • Creating a plan
  • Managing & monitoring the project
  • Contingency planning and risk assessment