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Meeting Management

Facilitation is an important skill for leaders to have in their toolbox.  Leaders maximize their teams’ knowledge and commitment by skillfully facilitating the discussions in which great ideas emerge and take root and plans for execution are built.  Facilitating is not telling, nor is it selling.  It is a way of leading that is inclusive and capitalizes on the intelligence in the group, which is critical for success in todays’ organizations. 

Intended Audience 

Leaders at all levels.  This workshop can be delivered in either a 1-day or 2-day format.  The 2-day format includes more opportunity for practice and feedback, plus a more in-depth look at the competencies required of a good facilitator.

Depending on length of program, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Understanding of the role and responsibilities of a facilitator
  • Understanding the difference between “leading” and “facilitating”
  • Understanding meeting dynamics and meeting management
  • Identifying individual strengths and limitations in the facilitator role
  • Practicing facilitation techniques in a structured environment
  • Receiving real-time feedback on facilitation effectiveness

Depending on length of program, TOPICS may include:

The Role and Function of the Facilitator

  • Planning & Guiding
  • Coaching and Training
  • Cultivating Teamwork
  • Supporting the Project
  • Resistance to Facilitation

Running and Facilitating a Productive Meeting

  • Facilitators’ Role in a Meeting
  • Process vs. Content
  • Directing/Leading vs. Facilitating/Coaching
  • Productive Meeting Guidelines
  • Managing the Agenda

Working with Teams

  • Contracting
  • Negotiating Ground Rules
  • Observation and Feedback

Discussion Management

  • Anatomy of a discussion
  • Techniques for Stimulating Discussions
  • Techniques for Guiding and Controlling Discussions
  • Techniques for Closing Discussions and Making Decisions
  • Arguing vs. Dialogue
  • Conflict Management