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Manager As Coach

Develop coaching skills to grow your talent and build an engaged workforce

Research findings reveal that those employees whose managers are effective at coaching, express more satisfaction and commitment at their jobs. Coaching is the #1 performance management practice today and is a reliable process for enhancing performance. Managers today are required to take on more coaching roles and learn to communicate like a coach to build engagement and effectively respond to the demand for improved productivity and developing their talent. Participants will learn how to develop a Coaching Mindset, the essential component for entering a coaching relationship. Participants will learn and practice via role playing, The GROW Model, a structured framework for conducting effective coaching conversations. Additionally, participants learn the 3 core skills for deep listening and tips for demonstrating full presence as a leader coach.

This one-day seminar will help managers develop skills to coach employees in formal and informal situations.

Intended Audience

Managers and Supervisors at all levels who are responsible for developing people and managing performance. Also effective for Team/Project Leaders wanting to improve team performance.

Training Objectives

  • Understand the importance of coaching today and how it differs from other leadership approaches
  • Learn the 3 key elements of powerful listening to show presence and engage employees
  • Develop a Coaching Mindset that fosters the belief that employees are capable and can solve their own problems
  • Learn the GROW Model – a structured process for conducting powerful coaching conversations

Training Topics              

  • The 3 core skills for deep listening
  • Coaching in the Moment – bringing coaching into everyday interactions
  • Empowering beliefs of an effective coach
  • 10 key mistakes new coaches make
  • The shift managers need to make from telling to asking
  • Why the skill of listening is critical for leaders today
  • The Grow Model: A powerful structure for coaching and problem-solving
  • Using powerful questions to help others find their own answers