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Building High Performing Teams

This highly interactive workshop provides leaders with an understanding of what motivates and enables team success.  Participants will be provided a model for diagnosing their team dynamics then choosing effective options for implementing action steps back at work.  This program can also be customized as a facilitated team building session.

Intended Audience

Managers, senior managers or intact teams.  Program can be customized as a 4 hour introduction, 1 day skill building with practice or a 2 day, in depth skill building session for intact or mixed teams.

Depending on length of workshop, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Assessing current team performance using a customizable survey tool
  • Understanding the dynamics that occur in groups
  • Distinguishing the characteristics of high performing teams
  • Identifying symptoms of counterproductive behaviors In groups
  • Gaining a model for diagnosing and assessing the team
  • Discovering practices for improving team dynamics
  • Taking actions for enabling future high performance

Depending on the length of the workshop, TOPICS may include:

Dynamics That Occur In Groups

  • Detecting negative team dynamics
  • Recognizing impact on individuals, teams, organizations

High Performing Teams

  • Associating performance with behavioral attributes
  • Understanding what makes a group vs. team
  • Creating accountability, trust, mutual collaboration and high performance


  • Spotting unconstructive behaviors
  • Isolating symptoms from underlying root causes
  • Intervening into the group dynamics
  • Distinguishing between individual and group behavior
  • Recognizing resolved and unresolved dynamics


  • Deploying a model for diagnosing and resolving issues
  • Using assessments appropriately
  • Deploying team enablers
  • Discovering best practices
  • Understanding team wants and needs
  • Implementing changes
  • Putting into new actions into practice