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Developing Your Team

This highly interactive workshop provides leaders with an understanding of how to develop direct reports.  Development can focus over the next year, within an individual’s current job, or in preparation for future career growth in another job (or a combination of both).  All steps to prepare and conduct successful development discussions will be covered.  Topics may include everything from strategies to development plan options that gets traction and results. Tools, templates and resources can be provided and customized to your organization’s processes.

Intended Audience

Managers at all levels.  Program can be customized as a 4 hour introduction, 1 day skill building with practice or a 2 day, in depth skill building session.

Depending on length of workshop, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Relating developing employees to your organization’s philosophy on development, performance management approach, values, and ROI, including productivity and retention
  • Learning development planning steps and how to structure the meeting conversation
  • Determining your development approach and strategy with each direct report
  • Understanding the unique needs of each employee and what motivates them
  • Determining which activities are best for development
  • Preparing for a successful conversation, leaving the employee motivated and engaged
  • Gaining practice and feedback on having development conversations
  • Understanding how to complete an effective development plan
  • Generating development plan ideas and strategies for action back at work

Depending on the length of the workshop, TOPICS may include:

Strategies and Approach

  • Learning the manager’s roles in development
  • Determining what development activity is most appropriate for each employee
  • Conducting an effective career assessment with your direct reports
  • Exploring ways development can be more than just about promotions
  • Understanding employee Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers

Meeting Preparation

  • Anatomy of a successful career development conversation
  • Identifying key resources
  • Generating development plans and activities beyond training programs
  • Writing powerful development objectives
  • Using a development meeting conversation template
  • Choosing different meeting approaches and understanding when to use each

Tools for Follow Up and Traction

  • Maintaining momentum on action
  • Measuring and rewarding development behaviors
  • Anticipating employee reactions
  • Diagnosing the reactions you are seeing and choosing how to respond appropriately