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Communicating and Resolving Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable.  As individuals we have different personalities, different ways of seeing the world, and different priorities for our jobs and our lives.  Being able to acknowledge these differences and communicate effectively to move beyond them is a key skill for leaders in any organization.  This workshop will help participants understand how to distinguish among different conflict styles, defuse volatile situations, and apply new skills and understanding to difficult people and situations.

Intended Audience

All levels.  People in leadership positions are especially good candidates for this workshop.  It can be delivered in a 4-hour overview or as a one-day mini-workshop with case studies.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • Gain effective communication practices
  • Understand what creates conflict and how different people react to conflict
  • Learn the 5 conflict handling approaches and when to use each
  • Know your primary conflicting handling mode
  • Learn to be more effective in handling conflict
  • Apply conflict resolution tools back at work


Key Workshop Topics

  • The law of interaction
  • The role of trust in communications and conflict
  • Sources of conflict at work
  • The brain, emotional hijacking and conflict
  • Reasons we “derail” and what to do
  • The 5 conflict handling modes, when to use and advantages and disadvantages of each