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Building Your Team

Every leader today has a team to manage.  That’s how work gets done; projects are managed, services are carried out, experiments are conducted, and products are manufactured – through teams.  Building and motivating teams, then managing and monitoring them, is a key piece of every leader’s job.  This workshop provides a thorough overview and dissection of that process, from chartering through disbanding.  This workshop should be part of every new leader’s education.

Intended Audience 

Functional leaders and team leaders at all levels.  This workshop can be delivered in either a 1-day or 2-day format.  The 2-day format includes more opportunity for practice and feedback.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • Recognize the role of a manager in building a great team
  • Identify management actions critical to building a team and delivering results through your team
  • Discuss the importance of building a team that is engaged in and aligned with the business  
  • Connect the strategic priorities of the organization to your team
  • Describe the team culture you would like to promote
  • Explore the roots of engagement:  People want to be part
  • of something bigger than themselves  
  • Work through a process to connect your team using three key steps  
  • Practice what you will say to get your direct reports engaged and connected  

Key Workshop Topics

  • Know my role
  • Know my business:
    • Competitors
    • Expectations of the market
    • What differentiates you from the competition
    • Your role in making the business successful
    • What we are learning from Business Basics about the “big picture” that is important to communicate to our teams and across IMMR
  • Link vision and strategy to team’s contribution
  • Communicate regularly: Actively connect my team to the business
  • Context-setting: how it impacts individual initiation, decision driving and contribution
  • Relationship of employee engagement to customer engagement to profitability