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Retaining Top Talent

This highly interactive workshop provides leaders with an understanding of what motivates and retains talent and provides actions they can take to insure retention of key employees in their workplace.

Intended Audience

Managers at all levels.  Program can be customized as a 4 hour introduction, 1 day skill building with practice or a 2 day, in depth skill building session.  It can also be adapted to an organizational assessment and change process.

Depending on length of workshop, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Assessing who is at risk and the impact on your team and organization
  • Identifying critical talent retention issues
  • Exploring the ROI: ways to retain talent beyond money
  • Retaining key talent when competition increases; current trends that impact retaining top talent
  • Gaining an understanding of what creates “keeping power”
  • Practicing talent retention conversations
  • Identifying resources and tools managers can use to retain talent
  • Creating a plan and actions to take to address retaining your talent issues

Depending on the length of the workshop, TOPICS may include:

Trends Impacting Engagement and Retention

  • Exploring generational dynamics
  • Identifying current market influences
  • Dealing with organizational challenges
  • Identifying what attracts and retains your people

Who’s At Risk

  • Conducting an organizational assessment
  • Identifying who’s at risk
  • Determining impact of departures on your organization
  • Planning for contingency

Retention Strategies

  • Understanding the anatomy of a decision to leave
  • Structuring motivation and recognition practices
  • Profiting from “Keeping” power

Tools for Retaining Talent

  • Measuring the quality of relationships on your team, business unit, organization
  • Choosing appropriately:  Motivators and deflators
  • Identifying key resources
  • Designing retention team meetings
  • Crafting and holding retention conversations