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Increasing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for the last several years.  Research shows that the number one reason an employee leaves a company is the direct relationship he/she has with their boss.  The ability to actively and genuinely engage employees creates empowerment, openness and trust, clarification of direction and feedback on performance.  The manager is in a pivotal position to influence an employee’s perception of the organization from the hiring process through retirement or change of jobs.  This workshop will explore what engagement is, what drives engagement, and skills that managers can employee throughout an employee life cycle to improve organizational performance.

Intended Audience 

Supervisors, managers and above who manage teams of employees.  This workshop is typically a half day in length with time for role plays and practice.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes

  • Understand the importance of the leader’s role in driving employee engagement
  • What engagement is and is not and why it is important
  • How engagement changes over time between a manager and employee depending on where an employee is on the job curve
  • Drivers of engagement and actions to take
  • Conversation starters and tools to help a manager take action
  • Creating a culture around engagement
  • Connecting engagement outcomes to an organizations employee pulse survey

Key Workshop Topics

  • Research regarding engagement statistics, what’s working not working in the workplace
  • Introduction to the job curve and engagement conversations that take place at each stage
  • Questions managers should be able to answer about their employees
  • Diagnosing engagement and disengagement
  • Tools to drive greater employee engagement
  • Actions to increase engagement
  • The next steps beyond engagement – creating the irresistible organization

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