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Generations in the Workplace

We now operate in a world with four generations working side by side.  Understanding and appreciating each generation, their life experiences that shape beliefs and behaviors, motivators, and how to work effectively is key to building trusting work relationships that lead to greater productivity and results. 

This workshop is intended to bring together the generations within your company to participate in a discussion, or series of discussions, on a variety of topics that are most relevant and pressing to you. 

Intended Audience 

All levels.  The ideal audience is a combination of workers from all generations.  Program can be customized as a 2 hour overview, an in-depth 4 hour workshop, or as a series of conversations on leadership topics.

Depending on length of workshop, OBJECTIVES may include:

  • Understand each generation and how they are wired
  • Understand what attracts and motivates each generation
  • Appreciate differences in retention, motivation, performance management, feedback, and development
  • Clarify company culture and vision
  • Refresh participant’s knowledge of generational differences and creative solutions to working together through exercises, videos, quizzes, and games
  • Discuss strategies that will help employees participate and engage in the success of the enterprise
  • Company-specific topics that are most relevant to all generations

Depending on length of workshop, TOPICS may include

Introduction to the Generations, similarities and differences

Talent Management and Employee Engagement

  • Generational motivators – work/life balance, compensation, career development, challenging work
  • Giving feedback
  • Retaining key talent
  • Managing performance across generations
  • Developing your people
  • Engagement and autonomy

Organizational Culture and Expectations

  • Generational values
  • Cultural visioning from a generational perspective
  • Working with Customers of different generations
  • Work policies and operating agreements
  • Company events, social forums
  • Using social media

Company Specific Conversations - Customized

  • Working with customers of different generations
  • Working virtually
  • Work/life navigation