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21st Century Leadership
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The definition and expectations of leadership continues to evolve. Business complexity, globalization, and virtual teams continue to shape how leaders need to operate. The workshop topics below are offered as emerging areas for leaders to understand and manage. Our research and passion about these topics gives participants a great opportunity to interactively learn some of the more subtle nuances driving the business today.

Managing Change

Organizations are in constant change.  These changes are a result of acquisitions, mergers, downsizing, restructuring, new technologies, directions, strategies, programs, role, job, boss, or leadership.  Change can be large scale or localized. Managers today are expected to be skilled in managing and leading people through change at the individual, team and business unit level.  These skills include: understanding both the process of change and people’s reaction to it, how to successfully manage others through an imposed change and how to proactively lead a planned change.  This highly interactive program provides a broad introduction to change management and equips managers with an understanding for how to manage others through it.

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Generations in the Workplace

We now operate in a world with four generations working side by side.  Understanding and appreciating each generation, their life experiences that shape beliefs and behaviors, motivators, and how to work effectively is key to building trusting work relationships that lead to greater productivity and results. 

This workshop is intended to bring together the generations within your company to participate in a discussion, or series of discussions, on a variety of topics that are most relevant and pressing to you.

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Retaining Top Talent

This highly interactive workshop provides leaders with an understanding of what motivates and retains talent and provides actions they can take to insure retention of key employees in their workplace.

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Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

“Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times.  It’s a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is key to professional success.”        – Harvard Business Review.   

Emotional Intelligence (Emotional Quotient or EQ) is the ability to use emotions effectively and it’s the foundation for high-performing relationships.  More than ever, organizations need true leaders who restore trust, hope, ethics, and direction: leaders who know how to engage their people.  Gain an introduction to emotional intelligence, the key competencies of EQ, ways of identifying the impact of EQ in your workplace, tools for self-management, and for improving the quality of relationships, accountability and customer retention.

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Increasing Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has been a hot topic for the last several years.  Research shows that the number one reason an employee leaves a company is the direct relationship he/she has with their boss.  The ability to actively and genuinely engage employees creates empowerment, openness and trust, clarification of direction and feedback on performance.  The manager is in a pivotal position to influence an employee’s perception of the organization from the hiring process through retirement or change of jobs.  This workshop will explore what engagement is, what drives engagement, and skills that managers can employee throughout an employee life cycle to improve organizational performance.

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