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Organization and Team Consulting

We offer expertise as a thought partner to get things done the way you need them done. We work with you to identify how to structure our time together to support your goals and objectives. Our recommendations are based on your particular situation, customized to your needs and style.

Our team facilitation services create the conditions for you to have the difficult conversations need to create trust and solve problems together so you can move forward with increased agility. We bring our natural directness, candor, and extensive personal experience to deliver consistently sound advice tailored to your team’s dynamics.

One of the valuable differences between The Piras Group and other consulting organizations is that I can leverage their expertise into what I want and need to do, instead of being limited by a pre-existing model of how we’ll work together. They’re a thought partner for me in trying to get things done in the company by helping me formulate my own thinking. One of the best experiences I’ve had with The Piras Group was the vision work of Peter Gaarn. Excellent. Mark Shaw, Senior Vice President Human Resource, Kateeva

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this endorsement are those of Mark Shaw and do not necessarily reflect those of Kateeva, Inc.

Our processes are designed to identify and clarify where your organization IS currently and where you want to BE. We guide you in creating a roadmap for change and provide recommendations and solutions for implementation. We then support you throughout the completion of key initiatives.

Enterprise initiatives, transformation, leadership strategies

We are often called into an organization to support enterprise-wide change initiatives, help an organization evolve or transform itself, or to develop leadership strategies and architecture.  These three areas cover a lot of territory and encompass a wide range of services.  We diagnose, make recommendations, create a roadmap for successful completion, and work with you and your team to make implementation stick.

Our methodology works In three key areas of organizational consulting that correspond to the three circles of excellence in high performance organizations.  Any consulting project typically includes some work in all 3 areas:

  • Developing leaders

    • Strategies and frameworks to encourage, develop, and provide paths for leadership
    • Value systems that identify, recognize, and reward socially responsible leadership
    • Customized workshops, assessments, and training to improve capabilities
  • Team effectiveness

    • Build team alignment and collaboration with: focused group work and individual coaching; 360° workshops; and training
    • Design and facilitation of key organizational meetings and events
  • Organizational effectiveness

    • Research and analysis that illuminates organization gaps and recommends action
    • Processes, training, assessments, systems, and cultural nuances to support sustainable growth and change
    • Tactics to drive strategies down and across the organization to ensure lasting results
In the 20 years I’ve worked with consulting groups, The Piras Group has always been the top 1 or 2 choice for us. One reason is that they are a hit with internal OD and LD people. In our most recent project, The Piras Group took a proactive stance in helping us through our resizing efforts: accommodating and flexible, they created an unbelievable partnership with us. Bob Overby, General Manager, Jeppesen International Flight and Trip Planning

Effective teams play an important role in the Piras Group consulting methodology.

Teams are what empower leaders to have a greater impact on the overall organization and systems. 

We focus key development activities on building team capacity, aligning leadership, and optimizing team meetings to develop strategy and reach operational results.

Building Team Cohesiveness

Working with leadership teams, we help identify critical business issues and solutions. We partner to create organizational structure and alignment while developing leadership skills within the team. Our consulting work builds cohesiveness among team members through focused group work & individual coaching.

Design and Delivery of Offsite Meetings 

Well-structured meeting plans and creative dialogue are key to reaching business solutions.  Not only are we experts at meeting facilitation, we partner with our clients to design and build strong, integrated meeting topics to reach a desired outcome.  Here are some of the ways we bring our expertise to your team activities:

Visioning Sessions

  • Strategy Setting
  • Clarifying Direction and Priorities
  • Establishing vision, mission and brand

Alignment Activities

  • Operating Agreements
  • Current Tactical and Programmatic Activities
  • Team Building and Self Awareness

New Leader Assimilation


The ability to work effectively in a fluid, changing environment is a key challenge for most functions.  With both global and virtual teams, the ability and willingness to work together to solve business issues is becoming more critical every year.  Our workshops and offsite meeting design have been designed to help teams throughout their lifespan: launching, building, troubleshooting, developing high performance, and winding down.  We often include behavioral and style preferences in team building agendas.  These assessments help leaders to understand how they are “wired” or help see their preferences in working with others.  Increasing self awareness and discussing styles with other team members help maximize contribution and appreciation for each other’s strengths.

360 Assessments

Cross-leveraging the capacities of leaders and team members is essential to good teamwork.  Assessments play a role in understanding the contributions each can make, potential tension points, and gaps that can be addressed.  The Piras Group has expertise in a variety of assessment tools and can recommend and deliver the one that best matches the objectives.

I’m not just another client with TPG. When I work with them I truly feel I am the only client they have. I get that special feel that they are completely on board and integrated into the team. TPG’s ownership of the project is very deep. Fred Kamal, Senior Director, Quality Assurance, MedImmune

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The Piras Group would love to be your partner in creating organizational and team excellence during any economic cycle with a customized plan that reflects your organization’s unique culture and dynamics.  We invite you to call or email us to explore how we can work together.