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Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services deliver insights and perspectives based on the real-life executive experience needed to help you make leadership choices that work best for you and your work.

We’re committed to direct, heartfelt, and insightful conversations that create safety for you to explore all the ways you can grow into more powerful leadership skills and positions that serve you and your organization. You get the benefit of our experience and understanding of how to develop and execute strategy with your teams in organizations as leaders through our suggestions and observations during the coaching process. And you walk away from each session with a fresh perspective on what next steps you can take to be successful.

The Piras Group executive coaching work has 3 main areas of focus:

  • Transitioning leaders into new roles.
  • Facilitating growth with a leader's skills and behavioral practices.
  • Assimilating into an organization.
The most valuable contribution The Piras Group offers is they really look for the good in their clients and help them build a path to grow professionally. Coaches like Dennis help clients see that they have what it takes to move forward. They know how to find hidden attributes and then help put a plan together on how to capitalize on those. Kevin Kone, Managing Director, Finance, San Francisco International Airport

Executive coaching results

The Piras Group has been helping high performing companies achieve superior leadership performance for years—in a variety of business situations:

Developing Leaders

We’re experts in leadership coaching

We know that leadership and business results are integrally linked.  Our strengths lie in transferring this wisdom and knowledge to you and your teams to create evolution and growth.

The Piras Group coaches are business-based. We are not life coaches, therapists, or personal counselors. What we DO bring is a broad combination of strengths: strategic advising, leadership development expertise, business acumen, and personal leadership experience.  We know what high performance leaders need to be successful.

Our coaching focuses on three key areas:

Three Key Coaching Areas in Developing Leaders

Leadership Transitions

“The Leadership Pipeline”, written by Ram Charan, aptly describes 6 major transition leaders will experience as they climb the corporate ladder.  These transitions are significant and often require rethinking a leader’s role, changing focus, adjusting time management, and reframing communication.

Types of leadership transitions

  • Moving from an individual contributor to first time manager
  • Moving from managing tasks to managing people
  • Managing people managers
  • Assuming leadership for a new function
  • Absorbing a new team, M&A integration or expanding functional scope
  • Inheriting a global function
  • Becoming a first time C-level or CEO

The Piras Group leadership coaching helps leaders navigate through these critical junctures.  Our process helps a leader to have a sense of accomplishment.  Our own personal experience coupled with our years of practice, allow us to quickly pinpoint change in style and approach.  Leaders walk away with confidence and pride in successfully moving from “here” to “there.”

Leadership Assessments

The Piras Group team is certified in a number of leadership assessments, described in our Leadership Assessments Comparison Chart

Each organizational situation is unique so matching the best assessment to a company’s needs is important

The Piras Group uses 360 leadership assessments in both its organizational consulting and executive coaching practices.  These instruments provide feedback to leaders about their skills and talents and those areas that need to be developed.  In working with a leadership team, we often use style assessments to help participants understand themselves better and how to work best with people whose styles are quite different.  As experts in change management principles, The Piras Group team uses organizational or readiness assessments to allow a leadership team to understand where the organization is weak and strong, with recommendations on ways to improve the gaps.

Regardless of which assessment you use, partnering with an expert company who knows the differences between them is key to reaching successful outcomes.

Learn more about Leadership Assessment options, selection, and how assessments are used in our Leadership Assessments Comparison Chart

Our executive coaching experts consistently enable our clients’ leaders to:

  • Be prepared to take on new and higher levels of responsibility
  • Address organizational challenges—implementing a new strategy, achieving results, building a team—in new and effective ways
  • Leverage strengths—that were taken for granted or latent—in new and powerful ways
  • Become a more effective leader by mitigating or eliminating “problem” behaviors

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We invite you to explore how our executive coaching experts will contribute to your organization’s success.

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