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The Piras Group Services Overview

The Piras Group offers services that fuse together the three critical dimensions that truly sustain successful corporate organizations

Executive Coaching

Our executive coaching services deliver insights and perspectives based on the real-life executive experience needed to help you make leadership choices that work best for you and your work.

We’re committed to direct, heartfelt, and insightful conversations that create safety for you to explore all the ways you can grow into more powerful leadership skills and positions that serve you and your organization. Read more

Organization and Team Consulting

We offer expertise as a thought partner to get things done the way you need them done. We work with you to identify how to structure our time together to support your goals and objectives. Our recommendations are based on your particular situation, customized to your needs and style. Read more

Training and Workshops

Our training and workshops integrate the wealth of real-life management and executive leadership experience our entire team brings with the techniques to make the concepts come to life. We deliver training with interactive exercises that open the audience up to new ways of thinking while giving them the practice to take action as soon as they walk out of the classroom. Read more

We offer consulting services that ignite teams, transform leadership challenges, increase employee engagement, and remove obstacles to inspired leadership.

Leadership Development is our core competence and the focus of everything we do. Our Executive Coaching, Organization and Team Consulting, and Training and Workshops all form a framework across the three critical dimensions of organizational excellence: individuals, groups or teams, and systems with the objective of developing leadership throughout your organization.

Our executive coaching programs, team facilitation services, and organization consulting focus on each dimension and also incorporate all three at the same time.  The concurrent development of individuals, teams, and systems positions the entire organization for success. 

The Piras Group takes you outside your everyday view to break down all the management pieces in your life to identify where to improve, what to do more of, and allows you to grow faster professionally. Executive, Silicon Valley Technology Company

How do we work with you?

We become your invisible team of expert partners with deep mastery and state-of-the-art tools to thoroughly assess and understand your organization’s culture.  We probe to fully understand your requirements and what success looks like.  We uncover the specific deliverables needed to reach results.We then develop a tailored set of actions to quickly and effectively bring your organization into focused productivity, and carry out the action plan to the delight and satisfaction of everyone in the organization—even your most challenging personalities.  Clients call on The Piras Group when an organization needs to:

  • Capitalize on the strength of their leaders
  • Build/rebuild team cohesiveness
  • Address organization challenges, change, and transformation
  • Expand and grow the business
  • Build leadership development strategies and programs
The Piras Group did an excellent job working together on a project team with direct competitors: excellent facilitation and teamwork—I’ve never seen that before with consulting firms, even when they are supposed to be partners. Shawn Allison, HR Business Partner, Bayer