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Following are our Frequently Asked Questions. If you'd like to add a question, please contact us. We welcome your feedback!

When do I know I need these types of services?

There can be many reasons to use consulting services. Typically if an organization is moving through major change, whether it be new leadership, new system or initiative using external expertise can be beneficial. At the same time, if your leadership team feels ill equipped to manage through a transition like this, it's useful to partner with some external expertise to reach results.

What are the biggest benefits using The Piras Group?

We are very reasonable in today's consulting environment. Compare us to other consulting firms and you'll find we have both speed and nimbleness to work very quickly with individuals and teams to reach the results they want. Each project is priced accordingly. We provide high value, low cost, accelerated solutions to leadership challenges.

What is unique about The Piras Group Leadership Consulting?

The Piras Group specializes in helping people lead the way, individually and organizationally. Our own corporate leadership experience coupled with our years of business coaching and consulting provide a unique perspective in helping those in leadership lead others effectively. We combine our experience in consulting, coaching, training, facilitation, and technology to bring institutionalized solutions to our clients.

How does your coaching process or methodology differ from everybody else’s?

Our accelerated model is designed with executives in mind. We focus on a compressed period of time, generally 3-6 months, in which we do very targeted coaching to reach specific results. We utilize a specific set of tools and processes to accelerate awareness and growth of leadership style, behaviors and skills to more effectively lead others.

Who have you worked for?

We have experience in the high tech industry, the start-up environment, as well as government and defense. Additionally, we've owned our own businesses so we've lived the importance of "value of money." Our bios provide additional information.

Are you Industrial Psychologists?

No, not at all. We have various degrees and backgrounds that add strength to our services. Our consulting and coaching expertise is derived from a wide depth and breadth of executive leadership exposure, both from an internal and external perspective. Plus, The Piras Group has always had a passion for enhancing the leadership experience. Our network of resources adds strength to what we can provide.

What’s your expertise?

Leadership - helping people lead the way. We understand the balance of people, processes and results. We also understand the systemic relationships of the individual, group and system. Most importantly, we understand the human side of leadership. Our coaching and consulting skills integrate all of these components together to offer a perspective to allow a leader to truly lead.

How much experience do you have helping organizations through major change efforts?

Individually and collectively, we are outstanding in this area. From company-wide systems, to cultural integration and reorganizations, we have partnered with leaders and leadership teams to see these major efforts succeed. See client information for more detail.

How do I choose a good consultant group to partner with?

First, you do want to choose carefully. You choose a company based on their ability to build a collaborative relationship and whether they have the background and experience to deliver services to your needs. You want a partner that listens and understands what life is like in your work environment. You want a group that understands current business models and trends in the industry. Finally, you want a group to deliver good customer service. The Piras Group does all of that.

What’s the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching is a process that is generally delivered in a one-on-one situation with a leader. Coaching helps a leader to understand personal style and behaviors, to establish personal and professional goals and objectives as well as development plans for success. The coach and leader establish a consistent communication process to discuss current job issues and progress towards desired outcomes.

Consulting, on the other hand, generally involves a specific project/program/system or group experience to tackle significant company issues with a leadership team. The consultant works with the leader to analyze the current situation, establish a game plan for change, and facilitates the process of discovery and implementation.

Uniquely, we provide both kinds of services.