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The Extraordinary Coach

Author: John H. Zenger and Kathleen Stinnett

The Extraordinary Coach is a great book for those who want to learn coaching skills to improve performance and develop people. The authors, Zenger and Sibbett, provide a convincing case for the importance of a coach approach to successfully lead in today’s organizations. They declare early in the book that coaching is not the latest management fad and present rich statistical information on the impact of business coaching on today’s organizations.  According to research cited in the book, “there is a strong connection between managers using a coach approach and employees who are more committed and engaged”. Some of the best outcomes that come from coaching, according to Zenger,  are giving new meaning to work, engaged and committed employees, stronger culture, higher productivity and heightened creativity.

 The book grabs your attention in the first few chapters presenting a sound business case and definition for coaching. The authors provide an excellent coaching framework with great models and illustrations to demonstrate key points. It is not a book on coaching theory but is structured like a full immersion training class with worksheets, sample exercises, checklists, and free access to online videos. The book is a great resource for those who like to read for professional development and who aren’t able to take a formal coaching class.

Coaching is a hot topic today. While there are many great books on the market, this is the best one I have read to teach managers coaching skills. I have personally used the models and framework successfully to design a coaching skills class and highly recommend this book for executive coaches, managers, and others who desire to become high quality business coaches.