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Speaking Up: Surviving Executive Presentations

Author: Frederick Gilbert, 2012

Maybe you hit a home run every time you speak at a technical conference or maybe your pitches to your team to step up the project delivery schedule always end with a motivated crowd cheering you on. Good for you!  Think you can carry that off in the C-suite or the boardroom? Think again.  The skill of performing well when presenting to the executive level are very different.

In preparing to write this book, Frederick (Rick) Gilbert, founder and chairman of PowerSpeaking, has interviewed dozens of top-level executives about what they want to see and hear when someone comes to them with a presentation. Through these interviews and the relationships he has built with these executives he has unearthed the secrets to success in that rarefied atmosphere. 

Anyone interested in success with presentations and pitches at that level will benefit by reading Speaking Up. In fact, it truly falls into the category of a must-read for aspiring directors, middle managers, and those who sell to the C-suite occupants.  

I appreciated Rick’s very thorough and focused approach to writing this book.  I also enjoyed reading the stories about the dilemmas faced (and ultimately conquered) by real people – some I even knew! Amidst the stories Rick tells are specific, behavioral do’s and don’ts that anyone can follow and practice. It’s a down-to-earth book about a serious challenge that business managers all face. It’s a great 2-hour read and now has a permanent place on my easy-reference book shelf.  

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