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Beyond Genius, Innovation & Luck

Author: Allan McCarthy, 2011

Allan outlines 8 areas that must be integrated in this translation:

  • Managing complex systems
  • One organization, one blueprint
  • Sequence, the linchpin of organizational effectiveness
  • The difference between a team of leaders and a group of leaders
  • The CEO killer: misunderstood and mismanaged stakeholders
  • Designing a scalable, stable, productive organization
  • Calibrating leverage, needed investment, and the value of function
  • Creating a culture that attracts and retains talented, passionate people

It will help you rethink the blueprint and methodology for creating the “one blueprint plan” for your company, the sequencing of initiatives, and what it takes to build a strong culture and organization.  It’s simple but robust, and to do all of what Allan speaks of well, will take skill and practice.

The audience is definitely senior level leadership, C-level for sure, VP level definitely, Sr. Director/Director, a good stretch.  Leaders of any function will benefit from the book.

Allan McCarthy has spent many years in the trenches, with entrenched organizations, trying to have leadership teams appreciate the complexity of working together to create and implement the business.  His wisdom comes through in this field guide, of sorts.  His sense of humor is also evident from the stories, which are relevant and help the reader to understand real live scenarios.