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Alliances and Partnerships

The Piras Group works with the following partners in designing and delivering consulting services, technology and training solutions for our clients.



We are always on the lookout for 360 degree feedback leadership assessments that have unique characteristics and interesting insights in their 360 feedback reports.  TruScore (formerly The Booth Company) portfolio of 360 instruments has two unique characteristics which led us to develop a stronger partnership with the company and the use of their tools:

  1. TruScore surveys are designed around a model called the Task Cycle® which has a framework of leveraged sequenced behaviors to help managers focus on competencies that have the most impact. 
  2. TruScore surveys also enable managers to understand unrealized strengths as well as blind spots in how they are regarded by others. 

We find these two unique characteristics of the TruScore 360 instruments valuable because they:

  • Contribute to creative dialogues within the development conversation.
  • Allow managers to compare themselves to others in the TruScore survey normative database.
  • Help managers gain insights that lead to actionable and leveraged skill development.

Women Unlimited

Women Unlimited, Inc. Mentoring, Education, Networking

We work with a tremendous amount of mid- to senior-level female leaders.  Over the years, we’ve discovered leadership programs particularly tailored to this audience and have chosen to partner with a national organization called Women Unlimited (WU).  With local chapters throughout the US, we’ve found WU programs to be well attended by the high tech industry.

There are two noteworthy programs we’ve participated in:  a 6 month introduction to management for females who aspire to higher levels, and a year-long program for mid-level leaders.  The Piras Group has participated as a mentor/coach for over 10 years.

What makes WU unique?  Here are program components we like:

  1. Women are put into teams of 3-5 people from different companies.  Each team is paired with 2 mentors/coaches, typically one male and one female.  This provides a very holistic approach to hearing different points of view from a gender perspective.
  2. The year-long program includes a 360 assessment and workshops geared specifically toward increasing a female leader’s influence and executive presence.
  3. Teams are asked to work collectively on a project that benefits other female leaders throughout the year.  Project information is presented to the entire audience throughout the period.
  4. Panels of seasoned female leaders participate periodically in sharing their stories.

More importantly, as a result of the program, we’ve watch women grow and change, increase their overall confidence, and rethink their roles and career growth.

Should your company have female leaders who would benefit from other like-minded women, we highly recommend these programs to your company.

Charis Intercultural Training Corporation

Charis Logo

Knowing the rules of engagement in different countries is critical for many corporations who have a global footprint.  We’ve seen many missteps from leaders who don’t know or appreciate cultural nuances in language, styles and approach. 

We like Charis International Training for many reasons.  First, they provide in-depth training for over 25 countries.  Each trainer used actually comes from the country being discussed so you are assured of a wealth of knowledge about local customs.  Second, they also provide intensive services for expatriates working in unique countries.  More recently, they have added a line of cultural assessments to help uncover biases or to build stronger trust with people from other nations.

Charis is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and has a strong array of staff with a positive desire to help people in the world understand each other.


Effective Training Associates Logo

There are not a lot of training companies that offer a full line of workshops and classes in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Many training companies specialize in a topic of choice, from presentation skills, communication skills, interviewing, etc.  Effective Training Associates, Inc. (ETA) is a local company that offers a wide variety of programs to individual contributors and mid-level leaders as well.

ETA is the leading provider of engineering management and professional development programs.

Since 1988, ETA has been a strategic training provider for the IEEE Engineering Management and CPMT Societies in the San Francisco Bay Area offering over 60 public courses a year for engineers and managers.

ETA provides subject matter experts with extensive industry experience. They deliver tailored skill-building courses worldwide that maximize management strength and individual performance in the following areas:

  • Engineering Management and Leadership
  • Project Management Fundamentals and Advanced
  • Management, Professional, and Team Development
  • Sales Support and Customer Service
  • Technical Courses

ETA offers both public workshops and onsite programs for companies globally.  We like the fact that their trainers specialize in specific workshop topics so they are experts in their field.  We like that workshops are an inexpensive alternative to other training company prices.  We like the wide variety of both engineering, project management and technical courses.

If you have a need for local training, it is highly worth it to look them up.