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The Piras Group creates a strong fit between our clients' needs and the resources we offer. We provide our clients with an extensive range of partners and alliances that specialize in services. We also offer tools in every consulting or coaching engagement.

As part of our work with leaders like yourself and with organizations and teams, we regularly recommend books we find helpful to this work and build partnerships that will help us deliver even more value to you. In this section you'll find some of these resources we've put together to help you achieve excellence.


Get answers to some fundamental questions about our coaching, working with us, how we're different, and tips on choosing a consulting partner. Read more...

Recommended Books

Find our tried and true favorites listed here that are still valuable and applicable, as well as new books bringing the latest thinking to leadership and organizations. Read more...

Alliances and Partnerships

Read about our Alliances and Partnerships, why we chose these companies, and what they do for you. Read more...