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The Engagement Cards

A Simple Tool to Improve Employee Engagement

The Engagement Cards

Do you know the #1 reason people leave their job?

It's the quality of the relationship they have with their boss. This relationship is measured as employee engagement and the statistics are abysmal.

We’ve created, tested, and measured a new tool for improving employee engagement—simple enough for any manager to use with any employee.

The Engagement Cards are already producing results for managers using them in one-to-one meetings and in team or other group settings.

Very useful — a lot of the questions really address issues and concerns employees have, but may be nervous to ask.

What are The Engagement Cards?

A Simple Tool to Improve Employee Engagement

The Engagement Cards spread out on a table.

The Engagement Cards facilitate conversations between managers and employees that enable transparent communications, mutual feedback, learning, and engagement. The cards can be used for:

  • Regular one-to-one discussions between an employee and manager
  • Team/group settings, such as staff meetings or team-building sessions
We really like the range of questions, not just the standard ones. They were less structured and more personable and made us laugh. Using the cards helped the conversations be more relaxed.

Getting The Engagement Cards for your organization:

The Engagement Cards spread out on a table.

The Engagement Cards

Each deck of The Engagement Cards comes with:

  • 56 question cards in a total of 5 categories related to organization, team, and individual experiences
  • Instructions for how to use in one-to-one meetings and group settings
  • Tips and options

Volume Discounts Available:

  • 1-29 Decks: $50 per deck
  • 30-99 Decks: $40 per deck
  • 100+ Decks: $30 per deck

Please contact us before ordering if any international shipping is required.

Consulting Session for Engagement Cards Success

We offer a free 1/2 hour consulting session to help you plan your Engagement Cards rollout and optimize for success. Contact us to schedule a time.

Increase Your Employee Engagement with Our Successful Rollout to Your Entire Organization: Workshop and Coaching

The Piras Group can deliver a complete 2 hour workshop and rollout package to help you improve your organization’s employee engagement integrating The Engagement Cards and our key learnings from the years of experience we have in this area.

The Engagement Cards spread out on a table.

The Engagement Cards Workshop Downloadable Package $399

This downloadable package of a Powerpoint presentation, participant workbook, and facilitator’s guide can help introduce and accelerate adoption of engagement ideas and concepts. This is a great option for those practitioners or managers who would like to implement a more robust program regarding employee engagement

The suggested 2-hour workshop for managers includes:

  • Definition of employee engagement, what it is and is not
  • Research regarding the need for greater employee engagement
  • Diagnosing engagement in your organization
  • Understanding the employee job curve and how engagement shifts in each phase
  • Top manager behaviors and actions that will drive engagement
  • Self-assessment
  • Introduction of The Engagement Cards and exercises to help managers learn how to use them

An easy-to-use facilitator guide helps a leader or facilitator with time, sequencing, and key points to make at each step.

This workshop is turnkey and can be immediately implemented in your organization. You can order as many decks of The Engagement Cards as needed for your company population.

The Engagement Cards Customized

We also offer a completely customized option with your organizations colors and choice of design elements. Contact us for more information.

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How do The Engagement Cards work?

The Engagement Cards spread out on a table.

The Engagement Cards remove what sometimes feels like that “awkward factor” in manager/employee conversations and provide the manager with a tool for increasing engagement that is easy to use, practical and fun. Using the cards in a variety of settings helps to encourage a culture of openness and more authentic conversations.

Each card contains a question that’s part of a larger category of questions. The categories focus on different topics of conversation that managers and employees might have together. The 5 categories are: Getting to Know You, Successes and Wins, Job Satisfaction and Improvement, Learning and Development, and Direction and Alignment.

Note: Cards are chosen first by the employee, to create an atmosphere of exchange and dialogue, rather than a manager-to-employee review.

Conversations are best held frequently and can range from just a few minutes to a half-hour or more. We encourage all managers to keep a deck of cards on their desk, ready for use, and to incorporate them into the agenda for existing one-on-one meetings.