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The Value of Assessments in Organizations

By Carol Piras, Managing Partner, The Piras Group

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In these difficult economic times, organizations need tools and strategies to help leaders be more efficient and take performance to a new level. We believe assessments are powerful tools that can be used in many different settings to improve organizational performance.

Benefits of Assessments

Assessments yield key benefits that build understanding of situations more clearly:

  • Dynamic tools that provide insight into the full range of behaviors.
  • Provide clarity and focus to critical issues.
  • Explain workplace behavior, decision-making, flexibility under various conditions and other important aspects of performance.
  • Offer valid insights that interviews, intuition, or observations just cannot provide.
  • Deliver organized objective data that take the guesswork out of problem situations.

Choosing From Numerous Options

Today’s training and consulting industry provides a vast number of options for assessments such as those that measure: intelligence, behavior, personality, emotional quotient, attitudes, skills, and many more. We understand what a daunting task it is to decide which ones to use for the problem you’re having. How do you decide when an assessment would help you? How do you decide which assessment to use?  Our article on specific assessments and choosing the assessment tool that best fits your needs provides a comparison chart of various assessment tools.

Our Assessment Series

We have developed a series of articles that will answer these questions plus provide case studies explaining how The Piras Group has helped organizations move to their next level with the use of assessments. Additional articles will expand on the three most widely used assessments today: 360 feedback, organizational, and behavioral assessments.

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