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Understanding the Focus and Challenge of Technology Lifecycles: Part 3

We’ve discussed the key business challenges across the five phases of the product life cycle. The key business and leadership challenges through the phases are also closely intertwined, and in this post, we’ll turn our attention to the role and challenges of leadership.


Change Management: Putting the Change and Transition Curve Model into Action

Change is happening more rapidly and it’s hard when we get stuck in our own transitions as we adapt. The two key words to remember are: resiliency and adaption. One effective change management tool is the change and transition curve model.


New Leaders Need a ‘JumpStart’ for Success

Leaders are on the move. In both large and small companies and organizations, executives are taking on new roles, getting promoted or taking on larger responsibilities through organizational restructuring. With new teams and demanding responsibilities, leaders have about 90 days to get on the right track and start creating wins.


Risks of Poorly Planned Executive Transitions

When we try to circumvent the baby steps, we get ourselves into trouble. The IED and Alexcel 2011 study "Executive Transitions" on executive transitions and the ramp time to get to full productivity is telling.


Leading Masterfully Through A RIF

Even the best leaders sometimes have to make unpopular decisions. However, the way you handle yourself in this situation will be more telling than how you deliver news

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