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The Paradox of Choice

Our society places immense value on having options. They mean freedom and choice. Options are a sign of success and affluence. We are so fortunate to have options, but as a result, we often can’t make a decision. This article explores how options impact our decision making, why some people navigate choice better than others, and what we can do to become more effective at decision making.


Confidence, Competence, and Successful Leadership: Parallels with Horsemanship

How do you expect a 1200-pound animal with a mind, will and soul of its own to perform any task you are asking as if it was his own idea and with seamless grace and success? A similar analogy can be drawn to a leader who is faced with trying to accomplish the same successful results with his or her team member(s).


Key Skills for Adaptive Leaders: Emotional Intelligence

Skills in growing emotional intelligence are behaviors anyone can learn and use.


A New Kind of Leadership is on the Horizon – Wisdom 2.0 Style

For those leaders who want to explore new possibilities, the Wisdom 2.0 Business conference will open your eyes.

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