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Making Sense of the Feedback: How To Sort Through It All and Find a Focus Area or Two

7 things to consider when you're deciding how to use the feedback you received in your 360 assessment feedback report.


Learn the Core Strengths of Introverted Leaders in this Book

This discussion of the book 'The Introverted Leader' explains how it raises awareness of the core strengths of the introverted leader and provides valuable tools for helping them manage their introversion.


How Leaders Can Perform at Their Best

5-steps to help you think about what it means to perform at your best as leader operating at peak performance, and what changes you think you would like to make for yourself.


Dealing with 360 Assessment Feedback Shock

Learn the five ways of dealing with 360 assessment feedback shock to be effective in converting feedback into insights and learning.


Set Your 360 Assessment Up for Success

How Can You Get The Most Value From Your 360 Assessment? Even with good intentions 360 assessments can derail in a myriad of ways. Here's the very first step of “setting up for success” that's essential for optimal 360 outcomes:  valid feedback providing insight that leads to action. 


Avoid Wasting the Rich Opportunity of Developmental 360 Assessments

How to effectively use developmental 360 assessments to their fullest potential in leadership development, and some reasons that waste the opportunity.

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