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Learn the Core Strengths of Introverted Leaders in this Book

This discussion of the book 'The Introverted Leader' explains how it raises awareness of the core strengths of the introverted leader and provides valuable tools for helping them manage their introversion.


Understanding the Focus and Challenge of Technology Lifecycles: Part 4

We’ve reviewed the common business and leadership challenges across the lifecycle, now we are going to turn our attention to the common pain points and classic missteps.


Understanding the Focus and Challenge of Technology Lifecycles: Part 3

We’ve discussed the key business challenges across the five phases of the product life cycle. The key business and leadership challenges through the phases are also closely intertwined, and in this post, we’ll turn our attention to the role and challenges of leadership.


Personal Crisis….What is a Leader to Do?

This article explores questions about how leaders can manage through personal crisis with your team and your organization. The focus is on significant events that cause a major disruption in your focus, time spent at work or home, and your overall energy in dealing with a major upset in your world.


Understanding the Focus and Challenges of Technology Lifecycles: Part 2

Overview of the core business challenges at each stage of the product lifecycle.


The Lost Art of Leadership Communication: What Do Eleven Thought Leaders Tell Us?

Organizational leaders consistently communicate poorly. In analyzing organizational dysfunction, many leaders unknowingly miscommunicate with colleagues resulting in significant disconnects. This discussion focuses on one primary reason for disconnects – effective listening – a critical communication skill for you as an organizational leader.

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