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Ghost Your Phone . . . and Take Back Your Leadership!

Let’s examine the science behind our smart phone addiction and learn 5 key baby steps for becoming a leader that’s less addicted and more conscious.


Confidence, Competence, and Successful Leadership: Parallels with Horsemanship

How do you expect a 1200-pound animal with a mind, will and soul of its own to perform any task you are asking as if it was his own idea and with seamless grace and success? A similar analogy can be drawn to a leader who is faced with trying to accomplish the same successful results with his or her team member(s).


Body Intelligence—the New Competitive Advantage in Decision Making and Leadership

Neuroscience shows us that ignoring our gut is folly, and that Body Intelligence (BQ) – a subset of emotional intelligence or EQ – gives us a huge competitive advantage.   While IQ is the ticket to entry for any leader, BQ is what sets a leader apart.


Emotional Intelligence - Self-Awareness: The First Step in Owning Your Impact on Other People

Everyone can become more self-aware as a way of strengthening their emotional intelligence. Putting into practice NOW the good habits of emotional intelligence will help you handle any potential regrettable “breakdowns” before they happen.


Key Skills for Adaptive Leaders: Emotional Intelligence

Skills in growing emotional intelligence are behaviors anyone can learn and use.

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