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Making Sense of the Feedback: How To Sort Through It All and Find a Focus Area or Two

7 things to consider when you're deciding how to use the feedback you received in your 360 assessment feedback report.


How to Put Together an Effective Leadership Development Program

Figuring out what type of leadership development program to offer and how to get the best return on investment can be daunting.


Keeping Ourselves On Track As Professional Executive Coaches

Here are 3 Top 10 lists for behaviors that will make each of better executive coaches. I keep this Top 10 lists prominent in my office and review them periodically to keep on track.


Key Leadership Practices from The Leadership Challenge

Carol Piras and Roxanne Kichar of The Piras Group present a great summary of two important aspects needed for effective Leadership Coaching.


Coaching the Piras Group Way

The Piras Group coaches are business-based. We are not life coaches, therapists, or personal counselors.

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