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The Growing Need for Adaptive Leadership

The need for Adaptive Leadership is growing and more urgent due to a number factors. These three videos focus on 4 key factors.


Collaboratively Creating Vision for the Organization

The opportunity today is to engage a group of broader stakeholders in creating a compelling corporate vision for the organization and the CEO or leader can be part of that facilitation process.


Why an Organization's Vision is Even More Important Today

Almost any industry you touch today is going through a shift and that’s what is driving a need for organization vision and increasing its importance.


Change Management: Putting the Change and Transition Curve Model into Action

Change is happening more rapidly and it’s hard when we get stuck in our own transitions as we adapt. The two key words to remember are: resiliency and adaption. One effective change management tool is the change and transition curve model.


Risks of Poorly Planned Executive Transitions

When we try to circumvent the baby steps, we get ourselves into trouble. The IED and Alexcel 2011 study "Executive Transitions" on executive transitions and the ramp time to get to full productivity is telling.


Sustainability = Change

Consider this scenario: Your CEO gets religion on sustainable processes and products – both for cost savings and environmental reasons. But in pushing this agenda down the ranks, employees are resistant.

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