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Coaching the Piras Group Way

By Carol Piras, Managing Partner, The Piras Group

The Piras Group coaches are business-based. We are not life coaches, therapists, or personal counselors. What we DO bring is a broad combination of strengths: strategic advising, leadership development expertise, business acumen, and personal leadership experience.  We know what high performance leaders need to be successful.

Our coaching focuses on three key areas:

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What is the right time to engage a coach?

When a leader or key employee is:

  • Transitioning to a higher level in the organization
  • Moving into a new organization
  • Struggling with a cultural fit
  • Ready to accelerate his/her skills
  • Exploring internal career options
  • Inheriting a new team
  • Desiring a 360 assessment of his/her skills
  • Needing a better understanding of his/her leadership persona and style

The Piras Group can also help you build an internal network of coaches, provide a workshop on coaching behaviors and tools, or educate your leaders about what coaching is and is not.

Piras Group Coaching

Our individual and team coaching accelerates self-awareness and identifies high-leverage change opportunities. Services include on-boarding and assimilation, leadership skill development, and team alignment for accelerated productivity. We also specialize in coaching women in leadership positions.  With senior leadership backgrounds and extensive coaching experience, TPG coaches provide  a great combination of understanding business realities and coaching intuition .

Is Coaching for You?

An attitude of learning and growth is critical to coaching. We provide a customized approach to a leader’s business challenges. Coaching can occur in an individual setting, or expanded to a leader and his/her team. Sometimes it makes sense to employ team coaching, where all members are coached at the same time to grow individually and collectively as a team.

What is Team Coaching?

A leader does not operate in a vacuum. Within any leadership team, a number of dynamics operate concurrently.  Team coaching allows a combination of individualized instruction and concurrent work with the team to accelerate alignment, priorities, ownership, and roadblocks, to successful execution of strategy. A small “team” of coaches operates with the “leadership team”, so we take advantage of our collective observations and methods to move the team forward as quickly as possible without breaching confidentiality with the individual coaching engagement.

Contact us if you want to discuss your coaching program further.

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