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Shari A. Duron, Ph.D.

My deeply held organizational philosophy is grounded on two critical factors: a leader who employs increased self reflection and a team that develops trust regardless of varied expertise. Effective organizational change will experience ongoing challenges in our ever-turbulent environment. Major periods of calm should only be viewed in the past tense. Managing the ongoing change can happen with the combined effort of well-developed leadership and aligned teams that embrace a common goal. CAN DO is the foundation, but WILL DO is essential fuel. For 30+ years, my work has been in service of these beliefs.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Acceleration
  • Management of Change within the Organization and the External Environment
  • Scenario Planning
Shari A. Duron, Ph.D.

Professional Background

SHARI A. DURON, Ph.D. is a senior management consultant with 30+ years experience in Fortune 500 companies – high-tech, healthcare, government – and a broad spectrum of small to medium-sized businesses. She has consulted to leaders of global businesses to effectively develop and manage diverse operations across all aspects of the supply chain. She specializes in leadership development, strategic thinking, change management, and scenario planning. 

At Hewlett-Packard, Shari consulted to multiple cross-functional organizations – including HP Printing Enterprise and HP Labs – plus developed intellectual property on strategy alignment and scenario development. She successfully facilitated work with HP partners including Indigo and Pan Canadian Oil Companies. 

At Lockheed Martin Corporation, she conducted strategic planning sessions with the Space Systems President & VPs – as well as managed company-wide consulting and management training functions, including management and technical training, diversity programs, change management and organizational design consultants. Therefore, Shari balanced ongoing executive coaching with successfully managing diverse professionals – consolidated in the company merger.

Shari has been an Adjunct Professor in the School of Business, Humboldt State University for nine years. With multi-year $400,000 Smullin Foundation Grant, Shari developed the first formal business internship program, whose interns delivered 1000s hours of business support with recognized results. She was an interdisciplinary team member with the National Science Foundation on the Science of Design Project.

With a continuous focus on leadership development and organizational alignment, Shari has been a managing partner and/or senior associate in boutique consulting companies – The Piras Group, Duron+Associates, The Graham Organization and Ron Benton & Associates Inc.  


  • Co-authored Thinking Strategically in Turbulent Times: An Inside View of Strategy Making (ME Sharpe, New York NY) 
  • Authored “The Short and Glorious History of Accelerated Decision Making at Hewlett-Packard” in Organizational Dynamics
  • Authored “Decision-Making By Design: A Blueprint for Balancing Execution and Innovation” in Contemporary Organizational Behavior in Action 
  • The Piras Group – BLOGS on Leadership and Communication
  • Multiple Corporate Executive and Strategy Boards publications


  • Ph.D. – Golden Gate University, San Francisco – Organizational Behavior and Management
  • Master Degree – UCLA Luskin School of Public Policy – Systems Dynamics
  • BA – Mount St. Mary’s College, Los Angeles and Die Institut fur Europaische Studium, University of Vienna – Sociology, Psychology, German 


When not working, Shari is hiking, reading, traveling to parts unknown around the globe or walking her dogs