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Michele Caplette, Ph.D.

Seeing people come alive with the passion, commitment and capabilities of who they are and unleashing their natural creativity and power in transforming teams and organizations—that’s why Michele loves her work!  Whether coaching, consulting or developing leadership programs, she always aims for outcomes that are meaningful for the individual and impactful on the team or organization.  Michele enjoys helping leaders at all levels get better at what they do now, always encouraging them to take their leadership to the next level.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Leadership Development Strategies and Programs
  • Building and Aligning Teams and Organizations
  • Meeting and Offsite Design and Facilitation

Professional Background

Michele Caplette Ph.D.
  • Experienced coach in helping leaders achieve their performance and development goals; in working with executives in high tech, healthcare, high tech, education and government, she has provided practical guidance enabling leaders to learn, grow and outperform their expectations  
  • Administered and debriefed 360 assessments (interviews and/or online) with leaders at all levels and aided in creating actionable development plans 
  • Launched company-wide 360 assessment development programs for first and mid level managers that resulted in significant improvement in key leadership behaviors and created a standard leadership profile/model
  • Designed and facilitated meeting retreats that have focused on visioning, strategic planning, goal alignment, roles and responsibilities clarification and project planning 
  • Helped implement “7 Core Practices for Managers” that enhanced goal setting and alignment across the company, ensured staff/project meetings drove goal achievement and instituted regular 1:1s that engaged employees
  • Designed, delivered and facilitated innovative senior executive leadership development programs that improved company strategies and operations and prepared leaders for the next level 
  • Established leadership architecture and infrastructure in large and small organizations, including a senior management “Leadership Council” to guide efforts
  • Designed and facilitated management/leadership development workshops ranging from “Transitioning into Management” for new managers to “Critical Thinking” for senior executives
  • Designed and facilitated management development “interventions” that resulted in notable improvement in targeted management/leadership practices
  • Mentored college students and immigrant professionals in job search an career plans


  • Ph.D. Sociology -- State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • BA, Sociology -- University of California, Santa Barbara'


  • Truscore (Booth) 360 assessments
  • Lominger VOICES 360 assessments


Michele has published articles and made conference presentations on leadership development, effective teams, learning and development, organizational development, and change management.


Michele enjoys spending time with her family, especially her young granddaughter, in cooking special meals, vacationing at Lake Tahoe and seeing the San Jose Sharks and Oakland A’s win, win, win!