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Mark Michael, Executive VP and General Counsel 3Com Corporation

Leading a business into the next century has never been more challenging. Yet, we were able to simplify the complexity of our restructuring and refocusing our group after a challenging merger of equals, thanks to Therese’s change management coaching. As a newly formed Fortune 300 global company, we had limited resources, changes in our structure and culture, new players, lack of trust and membership, low morale and burnout. At stake was the success of the corporation, which was depending on the support of my team to manage through the strategic transactions, intellectual asset management, and dispute resolution that lay ahead of the business.

As a result of the coaching and facilitation Therese provided, we accelerated development of an innovative, long-term strategy including defining a new service model, leveraged my role as senior leader more effectively, scaled our financial model and renewed the energy and spirit of the team. Therese helped us to think ‘out of the box’ and provided both pragmatic and state-of-the-art methods and leadership practices. Therese’s support was critical to our success.