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Director, High Tech Company

Carol gets results through the combination of her of great diagnostic skills, her no-nonsense coaching style, and her knowledge of leadership and organization development including, theory, methods and tools.  Through working with her, I quickly learned the 2 biggest things I could do to change my “habits at work” that were, inadvertently, having a negative impact.  None of us ever intend to have a negative impact and all of us have trouble understanding how others perceive our actions.  Carol was able to diagnose my key issues and, in our very first meeting, provided coaching, informative (and funny) articles that helped me see what I was doing, and practical guidance for how I could make changes starting that very day.  Yes, it was a journey that took several months, some hard work, and self-reflection.  As a direct result of Carol’s coaching, I am a more effective team member, boss and colleague.  And, as an unexpected bi-product of it all, I am much happier at work