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Diane Ueberle, Group Marketing Manager, Intuit Inc.

Therese is someone you want on your personal board of directors.  She is a natural leader and coach, a caring and supportive person.  I have had the pleasure of working with Therese when I was given feedback that I was failing to build effective relationships with the leadership team in my organization.  She helped me discover that I needed to take a step back and build the trust of the team before I could effectively execute against my goals.  She helped me stay the course during a difficult time when I was in the process of determining the overall value of the role of my team to the organization.  She helped me win the trust and respect of my peers and stakeholders.  She helped me have the confidence to create, ask for and get a new role in the organization that aligned with my personal and the business’s goals.  Her passion for developing leadership and people skills goes far beyond what one would expect.  Her ability to listen and allow for self discovery are just some of the amazing talents that she brings to the table.  If you have the chance to work with Therese as a coach or any capacity, your experience will be life changing