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Visionary Leadership Building

As part of the Client's coaching goals for the year, our client was looking to build their capability as a more visionary leader.  As we talked about this we proposed an alternative approach so that our client could fully engage the whole team in co-creating a vision for their organization.  Our client loved the idea and we moved forward on the idea.

The Piras Group was the client's coach and offered them an alternative approach to one of their leadership goals.

We designed 2 half-day working sessions to develop an actionable vision for the Administrative Team.  The first session consisted of developing a first pass vision and the second session resulted in 2 refined visions: one for the Admin Team and another for the whole  Department.  Each vision consisted of 7 major themes with actionable components and an overarching Vision. 

The client said: “The overall response to the visioning work was 95% favorable.  You did an outstanding job and have been just incredible.”

The feedback from the members of the client's team were all positive and the general feeling was that this visioning process was highly valuable and provided them with a collective path forward that was owned by all of them.