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Reaping the benefits of an organization-wide implementation of the DISC assessment

The director of this local site of 100+ employees, wanted the entire organization to have a common frame of reference about their own personality styles and how to work most effectively with others, particularly those that were quite different in how they approach work and communication.  The kind of work this division does requires strong teamwork, communication, feedback and collaboration to provide strong customer service.

TPG was chosen for its knowledge of the DISC instrument and ability to design and facilitate highly interactive workshops to deepen participant’s knowledge of the materials.

Over a period of 6 years, we have provided introductory workshops to all employees, refresher workshops to deepen knowledge and internalize style differences.  Quarterly a series of exercises were introduced to the leadership team and key employees to keep styles forefront in people’s minds. 

This organization has used the DISC more extensively as a way of communicating with each other beyond any client we’ve worked with.  People have more compassion for each other, understand and acknowledge different styles, have learned to appreciate the strengths that one style provides in various situations.  It also has allowed people to provide feedback through a DISC lens such that it takes anything personal out of the conversation.  This division has increased trust and collaboration throughout their sites.