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How to Give and Receive Effective Coaching and Feedback

This semi-independent unit of Stanford University needed to provide guidance to its entire workforce (~120) on how to give and receive effective coaching and feedback, as part of their talent management cycle.  They needed a training program for ALL employees in this topic.

Over the past 2+ years, TPG has built an excellent reputation in staff development at Stanford.  Sara Zeff Geber had been working with the staff Learning and Development group to deliver performance management training throughout 2012 and, with L&D’s blessing, was able to adapt large pieces of that program for use by SAA.  

Dr. Geber designed and delivered two slightly different 2.5 hour programs – one for managers; one for employees – over a one month period.  The programs were each delivered three times and 95% of the employees in the SAA unit attended. 

The client was highly satisfied with the results.  Attendees were appreciative of the opportunity to learn some specific techniques for delivering feedback in a non-punishing way, as well as a better understanding of when and where coaching is appropriate and helpful.