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High Tech Startup

While the start-up was functionally organized, the CEO  wanted to shift to a business unit (profit/loss) structure.  The company was growing and expected to execute an IPO within the short term.  The CEO was not sure how to go about making the change or even what particular changes were necessary. 

Having worked with senior executives and done organizational design work at a major high tech company, The Piras Group had the right kind of background and experience to understand the issues and work with senior executives.

We partnered with the VP HR to devise an approach and plan for engaging with the senior executives.  We provided advice on the pros and cons of various organization structures.  More importantly, we helped guide the process of using the expertise of the executive team in designing the right organization given their strategy, objectives and global requirements.  This involved meeting with key executives and stakeholders, identifying the key issues and new organization structure success criteria, designing and facilitating an executive off-site meeting and providing an implementation roadmap that cascaded the new organization structure with key leaders and stakeholders leading the way.