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Bio-Tech Start Up

 Our client is a bio-tech start-up, with venture funding sufficient to cover basic organization and leadership development.  They have a workforce of  approximately 80 people.  Their product is a diagnostic tool for cancer cell origin. 

The client has bright and talented employees, many of whom are young and inexperienced in the corporate world.  Quite a few have come from university and/or research lab backgrounds, where they work autonomously and the organization structure is almost flat.  The leaders, from supervisors to vice presidents, have had very little leadership training or coaching of any kind.  They are hungry for help in this area. 

So far The Piras Group has coached one critical-area leader.  She was experiencing some challenges with two of her direct reports.  We met with all parties involved, coached the leader for a period of six months, and the result is a greatly improved relationship with both of the direct reports. The employees involved now have clear objectives and understand what the manager expects of them.