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Case Studies

We encounter a variety of situations and clients. We’ve captured some that you might find valuable to understand and apply to your own circumstances.  Please email us any questions you might have about more detailed information or how the work we did might apply to your organization.

Reaping the benefits of an organization-wide implementation of the DISC assessment

One company's successful use of The Piras Group's workshops to increase trust and collaboration throughout.

How to Give and Receive Effective Coaching and Feedback

Stanford University needed to provide guidance to its entire workforce (~120) on how to give and receive effective coaching and feedback, as part of their talent management cycle.

Visionary Leadership Building

The feedback from the members of her team were all positive and the general feeling was that this visioning process was highly valuable and provided them with a collective path forward that was owned by all of them.

Leading Through Change Management

The team achieved a breakthrough in quality in than four months. Afterwards, there were three major project releases all ahead of schedule!

Bio-Tech Start Up

The employees involved now have clear objectives and understand what the manager expects of them.

High Tech Startup

The company was growing and expected to execute an IPO within the short term. The CEO was not sure how to go about making the change or even what particular changes were necessary.


The company is a $3.9B Silicon Valley based company that has been in the top 100 great places to work for the last 5 years.